Eigene Publikationen

Meine literaturhistorische Dissertation erschien 2016 in überarbeiteter Form als Monografie beim britischen Verlag Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Jolene Mathieson, Hazlitt Review 10 (2017):
„an exhaustively researched piece of cultural and biographical history“, „a dense and rich tapestry“, „an important addition to Coleridgean scholarship“

Katy Beavers, Coleridge Bulletin NS 51 (2018):
„sheds new light on a decisive period in Coleridge’s life and thought“, „includes fascinating background information“

Heidi Thomson, European Romantic Review 30.1 (2019):
„it is obvious that years of hard work have gone into this project“, „many fine ingredients“


Matthew C. Jones. „‚Mindful of the hour of conquest‘: Welsh Patriotism in Southey’s 1798 Morning Post Poems.“ Romanticism on the Net 68-69 (2017).

Daniel Norman. „Coleridge’s Humour in The Watchman.“ Romanticism 25.2 (2019).

James Gregory. Mercy and British Culture, 1760-1960. London: Bloomsbury, 2021.

WEitere Publikationen (auswahl)

„Feminism Meets (Anti-)Psychiatry: Firestone, Millett, Piercy.“ In Vorbereitung.

Middlemarch and Medical Practice in the Regency Era: From ‘Bottles of Stuff’ to the Clinical Gaze.“ Psychopharmacology in British Literature, 1780-1900. Hg. Natalie Roxburgh & Jennifer Henke. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020. 263-85.

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