Lektoratsprojekte seit 2016

Imaginationen von Nachhaltigkeit: Katastrophe, Krise, Normalisierung. Hg. Frank Adloff, Benno Fladvad, Martina Hasenfratz & Sighard Neckel. Frankfurt: Campus, 2020.

Gesellschaftstheorie im Anthropozän. Hg. Frank Adloff & Sighard Neckel. Frankfurt: Campus, 2020.

The United States and the Question of Rights. Hg. Irina Brittner, Sabine Meyer & Peter Schneck. Heidelberg: Winter, 2020.
„[W]e want to thank our tremendously professional and wonderfully persistent academic copy editor, BB, who has made this collection a much better book.“

Thinking in Search of a Language: Essays on American Intellect and Intuition. Von Herwig Friedl. New York: Bloomsbury, 2018.
„Without the editorial skill and academic expertise of BB the manuscript would never have been prepared in the present form and in due time.“

Power Relations in Black Lives: Reading African American Literature and Culture with Bourdieu and Elias. Hg. Christa Buschendorf. Bielefeld: Transcript, 2018.
„I would like to thank BB for his thorough and proficient work as well as for his exceptional personal commitment to this project.“

Coping with the Future: Theories and Practices of Divination in East Asia. Hg. Michael Lackner. Leiden: Brill, 2017.

Nostalgie: Imaginierte Zeit-Räume in globalen Medienkulturen / Nostalgia: Imagined Time-Spaces in Global Media Cultures. Hg. Sabine Sielke & Björn Bosserhoff. Frankfurt: Lang, 2016.
„Mein beson­derer Dank gilt erneut BB, der unser Forschungsprojekt von Beginn an durch kompetente Recherche, professionelle editorische Arbeit und großes Engagement begleitet und vorangebracht hat.“

Aesthetic Innovation and the Democratic Principle: Essays on Twentieth-Century American Poetry and Fiction. Von Heinz Ickstadt. Heidelberg: Winter, 2016.
„My deep and very special thanks go to […] BB who worked so hard to give [this book] final shape (and whose diligence helped me avoid a number of errors).“

Handlungs- und Interaktionskrisen. Hg. Frank Adloff, Alexander Antony & Gerd Sebald. Sonderheft der Österreichischen Zeitschrift für Soziologie 41.1 (2016).
„Wir danken BB für das gewissenhafte Lektorieren der Aufsätze.“

Knowledge Landscapes North America. Hg. Christian Kloeckner, Simone Knewitz & Sabine Sielke. Heidelberg: Winter, 2016.
→ „We would like to thank BB, once again: his competent and meticulous editorial support assured that this book offers clear views on and smooth travels through North American knowledge landscapes.“